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永利体育官方app的电动马达回收机器很容易使用 & 基业常青


在废弃的电动机内部是贵重的铜和铝部件. These motors are constructed with sturdy shells of steel to protect the delicate wiring and parts within.

只有非常坚固的,专门的设备才能劈开这些外壳来回收内部的金属. 永利体育官方app’s electric motor recycling equipment is capable of splitting even the toughest motors for recycling.

Stop sending your motors overseas — make the maximum profit by purchasing your own electric motor wrecker. 请致电(866)511-7720或填写永利体育官方app的在线表格开始!

The electric motor recycling machine pictured here is manufactured by O-Jung out of South Korea, Solid Equipment公司是该公司在北美的独家经销商.


单一平台- 这可以从视频中看到. The single platform setup has one motor that runs EITHER the left side of the machine for the cracking/splitting function OR the right side of the machine for the copper extraction.

双平台 这台机器基本上分为两部分. The hydraulic press or cracking/splitting platform is separate from the copper extraction platform. 每个单元都有自己的电机,可以相互独立. 请看下面的图片. 每个平台的尺寸包括:47“长x 27”宽x 86“高- 1,800磅(裂缝/劈裂平台)和70”长x 41”宽x 82”高- 2,700 LBS(提铜平台).

三平台 This setup is three separate platforms: two hydraulic presses and one copper extraction platform. 一台是用来压碎铸件的, 一个压机用于分裂定子, 最后一个平台提取铜.

所有不同的设置都有相同的组件来服务相同的功能.  The more platforms you have, the quicker the process is and the more production you can handle.

Learn more about our electric motor wreckers by calling 永利体育官方app at (866) 511-7720!


通常, valuable copper and aluminum components are shrouded in tough cast iron or hard aluminum outer casings that, 乍一看, 似乎令人费解. 采用电机回收机的三步流程, the reusable components can be rescued from the casings and internal structure to yield these highly valuable components.

如果您有兴趣购买电动马达回收器, 在线永利体育官方app 或者给永利体育官方app打电话(866)511-7720!


您正在寻找购买一个新的或使用电动汽车清障车? We are proud to sell electric motor recycling equipment and can walk you through the benefits. This powerful technology is designed with an ergonomic working height and offers maximum security while in use. 为了您的方便,搬家也很容易!

了解更多有关永利体育官方app出售的电动马达回收器, 请致电(866)511-7720永利体育官方app! 


The electric motor recycling machine is capable of disassembling even the toughest motors and separating any and all valuable components. 永利体育官方app还提供压缩机等切割设备 cw - 809 a!


  • 这台机器配备了适用于多种工艺的配件,规格为240V/480V-5.5 kW-powered
  • 这个系统的尺寸是59英寸宽33英寸.5英寸深,98英寸深.4“高
  • 该设备重约3300磅.
  • 该机可加工2 - 13 "直径的定子
  • 使用25级油
  • 这台水压机的压力有15吨


为电机的机械回收做准备, 可以拆卸的外部部件和附件应拧开并放在一边. 这应该揭示电机的实际外部外壳.

This industrial electric motor recycling machine employs a three-stage process to harvest the valuable material within.


The operator initiates the separation and removal of the outer casing to expose the elements of the electric motor. 由分裂装置施加极高的压力, the aluminum or cast iron housing is cut on opposing sides to separate and peeled away to expose the stator. 然后移除锚/转子.


第二阶段是将定子或变压器块切成相等的两片. 通过打开这些, copper coils are now exposed and ready for separation from the remaining parts and materials.


The third stage of the process involves pulling the copper wiring away from the surrounding metal through which it had been threaded by means of a complex hydraulic system. 牙齿夹住绕组,推杆推开外壳, 离开铜线完全暴露和独立.


A volume of valuable copper wiring cleanly separated from a pile of scrap metal and plastic that may also be recycled.


At 永利体育官方app, we are proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of the 欧容电机回收机. It is a truly innovative system that revolutionizes the process of extracting valuable copper and aluminum from electric motors, 从一个长, 劳动密集型的过程要简单一些, 可重复的步骤.

Your company can process electric motors in-house and maximize copper and aluminum scrap returns with our electric motor recycling system. 废金属价格不断波动, and our equipment allows you to extract the maximum profit and stay profitable even as prices dip a bit.

Efficient and effective recycling processes will become even more critical soon, as sales of 电动汽车 开始指数级增长,老设备退役. Stay ahead of the increasing demand for cost-effective recycling of electric vehicle components by investing in an electric motor recycling machine.

Our O’Jung electric motor recycler can pay for itself by increasing the speed and efficiency of 金属提取 在你的工厂. 一个马达可能需要一个多小时来处理, 一个熟练的操作人员可以使用永利体育官方app独特的系统在一小时内处理超过20个电机. +, 这个过程更安全, 半自动, 符合人体工程学设计,减少工人疲劳和重复性压力.

Take your electric motor recycling efforts to the next level with an 欧容电机回收机 from 永利体育官方app. 请永利体育官方app的团队以了解更多关于该系统的信息. 永利体育官方app将向您介绍电动马达回收器的特点和优点. We can even arrange a demonstration of the equipment at our facility to show you in person how effective and valuable it can be for your recycling efforts.

请致电(866)511-7720或 在线永利体育官方app 与永利体育官方app的代表谈论永利体育官方app的创新电机回收机器.


If you are able to accumulate a significant number of electric motors and accessories for recycling, 那么电动马达回收器是一个完美的解决方案,为您的需求. 通过适度的投资, this durable system will pay back the investment and earn continually over a long period of time. An average-sized electric motor will require just minutes to disassemble and segregate the valuable components. 一个有经验的合格工人每小时可以加工20个电机.

Contact 永利体育官方app now to discuss the valuable benefits that this recycling resource can bring to your company’s bottom line.

Our industrial recycling experts can help you evaluate the potential benefits and develop a projected cost/yield analysis over time. 请致电(866)511-7720!



电动马达内部有铝和铜元件,价值很高. 当它们不再发挥作用时,回收它们可以回收这些组件. 然而, this requires specialized machinery because the steel shells that protect the wiring inside are pretty hard to break. 电机回收机 打破这些壳分离铜和铝组件.


电机回收 是一个三步过程:

  1. 你必须把电机的外壳敲坏.
  2. 你必须把定子分开.
  3. 你必须提取铝和铜.

在电动马达的帮助下回收机器, 这个过程将帮助你获得设备中有价值的部分.


永利体育官方app提供三种 电机回收系统. 这些都是:

  • 单一平台设备 -该系统有一个电机组,要么破解外壳或提取铜.
  • 双平台设备 – This system has two motors with a different platform for copper extraction and cast cracking.
  • 三台设备 -这个系统有三个马达, 所以它可以打破石膏, 把strators, 在一台机器上提取所有的贵金属.