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新 & 二手液压剪出售

Are you in the market for new or used alligator shears or industrial shears? If so, you know that they are invaluable tools for industrial recycling. 永利体育官方app的液压剪现在是:

  • 更安全的
  • 更强大的
  • 更轻的
  • 更适用于各种工作条件

Whether you need lighter and more powerful 液压剪切机 for more exacting work or mostly stationary, 重型剪, industrial shears can handle nearly any recycling project you are considering.

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At 永利体育官方app永利体育官方app提供以下液压剪切设备:

剪刀- 400,-500 & -600年鳄鱼剪

美国出售短吻鳄剪刀 Forfex shears come with four-sided deep-hardened blades and are available in three different models: 400, 500, 和600年. 这些单元有16个″,20个″和24个″叶片. This robust alligator shear is equipped with a mechanically adjustable hold-down clamp, 防止材料弹回. It is designed for the cleaning and cutting of non-ferrous materials. All three sizes have the same motor, pumps, and cylinder size. 唯一的区别是刀片的长度. Longer blades may be able to cut a radiator in one bit rather than cutting half, 旋转180度, 再切割.


Holmatro handheld 液压剪切机 are powerful and portable cable cutter tools. 它们能比鳄鱼剪刀更精确地切割, and you can take the tool to the material rather than bringing the material to the shear. 的 handheld shear is easy to use and relatively lightweight. You can use the high-pressure hydraulic tool anywhere on the job. This industrial recycling tool can be used to separate specific metal types, 如铜由黄铜制成, but can also be used to cut large diameter (armored) cable. 液压剪切机 are often used for separating individual car parts for reuse and recycling. This shear can also be used for many different demolition applications and can be used underwater, 也.

了解更多关于 Holmatro品牌 在他们的网站上.

A-600 E鳄鱼剪

液压剪切机For reducing and cutting large metal pieces into more manageable segments for industrial recycling purposes, 永利体育官方app的强大 A-600 是一个很好的选择. 操作安全,高度可调, the A-600 E will cut all types of metal in nearly any format or shape, 拥有250吨的兵力. 设备小巧耐用. a - 600e型被设计用来处理最艰难的工作, 包括高抗拉强度, 超大号的件, 不锈钢, 和钛.


CableCutter ICS 在造粒前清洗你的电线好吗. 在最多1处容易切断插头/插头.直径5”.





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Alligator shears are also called lever shears and crocodile shears. 短吻鳄的剪嘴是铰接的,很光滑, heavy-duty “teeth” that can cut through essentially any scrap metal. Alligator shears are used worldwide in scrap yards and junkyards to help clear away non-ferrous materials by cutting them into smaller, 更易管理部分.


  • 散热器
  • 电缆/电线
  • 加强钢筋
  • 铝型材
  • 催化转换器

Alligator shears can quickly cut these products and more with their powerful shearing action and jaws made of high-tempered steel. 的se shears come in three different sizes depending on the application:

  • 16″
  • 20″
  • 24″

While early versions of industrial shears used a flywheel to power the jaws, our alligator shears are much safer to work with and make the cuts more precise.

Are you looking for industrial alligator shears for your business? Call (866) 511-7720 to learn about the variety of alligator shears we have for sale.

Precision Processing with 手持式液压剪切机 for 废 Metal

而短吻鳄剪做了一个伟大的工作与长, 大量的存货和废料, 单位是固定的, 你必须把材料带到剪切处. Our handheld 液压剪切机 from Holmatro are ergonomic and lighter in weight and will help you get the job done efficiently and correctly.

顾名思义, 工业剪刀很轻,可以用手剪, making them ideal for making more precise cuts and shaping items. 的y also work great in the field to cut material down for transport purposes. We additionally have our Cat Cutter for extracting catalytic converters from scrap vehicles.

Handheld 液压剪切机 have an upper and lower cutting surface that close in a shearing motion to cut through scrap metal. Handheld hydraulic industrial shears resemble a lobster claw with its two curved and jagged jaws that quickly dismantle scrap. 它们也很适合用于降职工作.

想把一辆报废汽车的车顶拆下来? 手持剪刀就可以了. Are you dealing with a large piece of scrap that’s too bulky to feed to alligator shears? Your handheld hydraulic industrial shears will cut out smaller sections. And when you want a piece of scrap that is of a particular dimension, your handheld 液压剪切机 are the ideal tool for the job.

新 & 出售工业用剪刀

Alligator shears and handheld hydraulic industrial shears are relatively easy to use. 它们本质上是带有基本控制的简单工具.

When you have 液压剪切机 and alligator shears at your job site, you will have the best possible tools for your industrial recycling efforts. You should be able to efficiently process scrap or make quick work of reducing the size of certain materials.

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液压剪切机 are standard within metal fabrication operations when accurate, 需要对金属板进行快速切割. 的se stand-alone units are pretty large and have sharp blades inside that cut the metal to the exact specifications of the operator. 液压剪切机 can also be hand-held units when the user needs precise cuts on smaller jobs. 的 hydraulic power gives these greater power than traditional shears, 在金属加工中,什么是关键.


液压剪切机 are essential for metalwork in many industrial applications. 在制作金属物品时, 液压剪切机 使它有可能削减明确的线路. Handheld 液压剪切机 are helpful in metal recycling applications because they can quickly dismantle scrap metal in the field. 他们也擅长爆破.