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Call Today for an Estimate(866) 511-7720
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Handheld 液压剪切机

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关于 Industrial Cutting Equipment

Handheld hydraulic shears are powerful and portable cable cutter tools. 的y will handle more precise cuts than alligator shears and you can take the tool to the material rather than bringing the material to the shear. 的 handheld shear is easy to use and relatively lightweight. 的 high-pressure hydraulic tool can be used anywhere you need to go on the job.

This industrial recycling tool can be used for separating specific metal types, 如铜由黄铜制成, but can also be used for cutting large diameter (armored) cable. Hydraulic shears are often used for separating individual car parts for reuse and recycling. This shear can also be used for many different demolition applications and can be used underwater, 也.



Our New Battery Powered Tool is Available!

的 电池刀 is specially developed for applications where more freedom of movement is required, where cutting needs to be done in hard to reach places or in applications that require the cutter to be standby for urgent use. It offers more flexibility to the operator, which saves time and money compared to the traditional cutter, 软管和泵组合. Battery cutters are constructed from high-grade aluminum. 的 battery pump is based on the proven lithium-ion battery technology that combines a long battery life with a high capacity for maximum operational use.

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Our hydraulic shears are also used to reduce spark in certain applications. Some jobs require the cutting to be spark free. This eliminates the use of plasma cutters or cutting wheels. Our handheld shears are the ticket!

液压剪切机 & 电缆刀具 拆迁项目

Make quick work of a demo job with our handheld shear. Whether you are cutting schedule 40 tubing, rebar, or angle iron, we have a shear for you. With the optional gas-powered pump and cart option you can take this set-up anywhere, literally.

Handheld 液压剪切机 Rental

We have a few options for pump/shear/hose/cart combinations that are available for rent, depending on the application. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

回收金属板 & 大的金属物品

Before any recycled metal can be transported for recycling, bulky pieces must be reduced to a manageable size. When large equipment and partitions constructed of large sheets of aluminum or stainless steel are discarded, using the right equipment to cut and reduce the material is of the utmost importance.

Whether recycling metal is in-house or off-site, Portable handheld shears handle any stainless, aluminum or steel sheeting, reducing them to smaller pieces for easier handling. This hand-held device is capable of removing the roof from an automobile and then cutting it into pieces.

For more information about our hydraulic shears for sale or rent, call (866) 511-7720! 

Easy-To-Use Handheld 液压剪切机

Because of the hydraulic design, this handheld shear is more powerful than its lightweight appearance would suggest. User-friendly with plenty of power, these hydraulic shears are built with safety and protection features designed to avoid injury. 永利体育官方app experts will provide a special orientation and safety training for the proper use of these portable hydraulic shears to you and your team. knows that heavy-duty jobs require heavy-duty power, but that this kind of power needs to be paired with equal measures of control. 的ir handheld industrial shears reflect and fulfill this need in the marketplace.

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Every business has different recycling and recover demands. Our experts will advise you on the best equipment for your range and volume of material. While there are profits to be salvaged from demolition and recycling, ensuring that you are using the right equipment will maximize these. Contact us and we’ll help you make the most economical decision!